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Call NumberAuthorTitle
F ADLER, EAdler, Elizabeth (Elizabeth A.).One way or another
F ANTRIM, TAntrim, TaylorImmunity
F ARANGO, SArango, Sascha, 1959-The truth and other lies : a novel
F BAI, XXiaobai, 1969-French concession
F BAKOPOULOS, DBakopoulos, DeanSummerlong
F BLUME, JBlume, Judy.In the unlikely event
F BOX C. J.Box, C. J.Badlands
F BROOKS, BBrooks, Ben, 1992-Lolito : a novel
F BROWN, HBrown, Holly, 1974-A necessary end
F BRUEN, KBruen, Ken.Green hell
F CAMPBELL, KCampbell, Karen, 1967-Rise
F CASTILLO, lCastillo, Linda.After the storm
F CASTLE, JCastle, JayneSiren's call
F CELT, ACelt, Adrienne.The daughters : a novel
F COULTER, CCoulter, Catherine.Nemesis
F COUTO, MCouto, Mia, 1955-Confession of the lioness
F DAHL, JDahl, Julia, 1977-Run you down
F D'AMICO, LD'Amico, LynetteRoad Trip
F DAVIS, RDavis, Richard (Richard J.), 1944-Last Indian Summer : the Bloody Milk Creek Siege
F DE ROBERTIS, CDe Robertis, CarolinaThe gods of tango
F DRAGER, LDrager, Lindsey.The sorrow proper
F DURRANT, SDurrant, Sabine.Remember me this way : a novel
F EVANS, LEvans, LissaCrooked heart : a novel
F FERTIG, JFertig, Judith M.The cake therapist
F FORSYTH,KForsyth, Kate, 1966-The wild girl
F FRANCIS, WFrancis, Wendy.The summer of good intentions
F GAIMAN, NGaiman, NeilNeverwhere : author's preferred text
F GALLAHER, BGallaher, BillHigh rider
F GARLOCK,DGarlock, DorothyTwice in a lifetime
F GISCHLER, VGischler, Victor, 1969-Stay
F GRIFFIN, W.E.B.Griffin, W. E. B.Deadly assets
F HALL, SHall, Sarah, 1974-The wolf border : a novel
F HARBISON, BHarbison, Elizabeth M.If I could turn back time
F HARUF, KHaruf, Kent.Our souls at night
F HASHIMI, NHashimi, NadiaWhen the moon is low
F HOBBS,RHobbs, Roger.Vanishing games
F JACKSON, NJackson, NaomiThe star side of Bird Hill
F JAMES, E LJames, E. L.Grey
F JEFFREY, EJeffrey, ElizabethMeadowlands
F JOHANSEN, IJohansen, IrisThe naked eye
F KARJEL, RKarjel, Robert, 1965-The Swede
F KAVA, AKava, Alex.Silent creed
F KEATING, KKeating, Kevin P.The captive condition
F KEYES, MKeyes, Marian.The woman who stole my life
F KIRMAN, RKirman, Robin.Bradstreet gate : a novel
F KOSMATKA, TKosmatka, Ted, 1973-The flicker men : a novel
F KUBICA, MKubica, MaryPretty baby
F KUHN, SKuhn, Shane.Hostile takeover : a John Lago thriller
F LANSENS, LLansens, Lori.The mountain story
F LAWSON, MLawson, Michael, 1948-House rivals
F LEE, HLee, HarperGo set a watchman
F LEE, PLee, Patrick, 1976-Signal
F LEINE, KLeine, Kim, 1961-The prophets of eternal fjord
F LIFTIN, HLiftin, Hilary.Movie star by Lizzie Pepper
F LIONTAS, ALiontas, AnnieLet me explain you : a novel
F LOWELL, ELowell, Elizabeth, 1944- Perfect touch
F MAKKAIMakkai, Rebecca.Music for wartime : stories
F MALLERY, SMallery, SusanThrill me
F MANSBACH, AMansbach, Adam, 1976-The Devil's bag man
F MCGEE, JMcGee, James, 1950-The blooding
F MCLAIN, PMcLain, Paula.Circling the sun : a novel
F MCLAUGHLIN, EMcLaughlin, EmmaHow to be a grown-up: a novel
F MCMANUS, SMcManus, Sophie, 1977-The unfortunates
F MITCHELL, MMitchell, Maggie.Pretty is : a novel
F MONROE, MMonroe, MaryBad blood
F NOBLE, SNoble, Shelley.Whisper Beach
F OKORAFOROkorafor, Nnedi.The book of Phoenix
F PALMER, DPalmer, DianaUntamed
F PANOWICH, BPanowich, BrianBull Mountain
F PATEL, SPatel, Shona, 1959-Flame Tree Road
F PATTERSON, JPatterson, James, 1947-Alert
F PIERPONT,JPierpont, Julia.Among the ten thousand things : a novel
F PULLEY, NPulley, NatashaThe watchmaker of Filigree Street
F RAYNE, SRayne, SarahDeadlight Hall
F REID, TReid, Taylor Jenkins.Maybe in another life : a novel
F REILLY, MReilly, MatthewThe tournament
F RICH, A. J.Rich, A. J. (Novelist).The hand that feeds you
F ROBINSON, KRobinson, Kim Stanley.Aurora
F ROSNAY, TRosnay, Tatiana de, 1961-A Paris affair
F SHALVIS, JShalvis, JillSecond chance summer
F SILVER, CSilver, Charlotte.Bennington girls are easy
F SODERBERG, ASöderberg, Alexander.The other son : a novel
F STEIL, JSteil, Jennifer.The ambassador's wife : a novel
F STEVENS, CStevens, Chevy.Those girls
F STEWART, LStewart, Leah, 1973-The new neighbor
F STRADAL, JStradal, J. Ryan.Kitchens of the great Midwest
F STROSS, CStross, Charles.The annihilation score
F SWYLER, ESwyler, Erika.The book of speculation
F TASEER, ATaseer, Aatish, 1980-The way things were
F TAYLOR, BTaylor, Brad, 1965-The insider threat : a Pike Logan thriller
F THOR, BThor, Brad.Code of conduct : a thriller
F TRAN, VTran, Vu, 1975-Dragonfish : a novel
F TURTLEDOVE, HTurtledove, Harry.Bombs away : the hot war
F URQUHART, JUrquhart, Jane.The night stages
F VOLLMANN, WVollmann, William T.The dying grass : a novel of the Nez Perce War
F WILLIG, LWillig, Lauren.The other daughter
F WODICKA, TWodicka, Tod, 1976-The household spirit
F WOODS, SWoods, Stuart.Naked greed
F WRIGHT, KWiley, Kim Wright.The Canterbury sisters
F YOUNG, TYoung, Thomas W., 1962-The hunters
F YUKNAVITCH, LYuknavitch, Lidia.The small backs of children : a novel
F ZANCAN, CZancan, Caroline.Local girls
Call NumberAuthorTitle
M F ATKINS, AAtkins, Ace.The redeemers
M F BANNALEC, JBannalec, Jean-Luc, 1966-Death in Brittany : a mystery
M F BRADY, EBrady, EileenUnleashed : a Kate Turner D.V.M. mystery
M F DAMS, JDams, Jeanne MThe gentle art of murder : a Dorothy Martin mystery
M F DELANEY, KDelaney, KathleenPurebred dead
M F ERIKSSON, KEriksson, Kjell, 1953-Open grave
M F FREDRICKSON, JFredrickson, JackThe confessors' club
M F GARRETT, A.D.Garrett, A. D.Believe no one
M F HAINES, CHaines, Carolyn.Bone to be wild
M F LEVINE, PLevine, Paul (Paul J.)Bum rap
M F LINDSAY, JLindsay, Jeffry P.Dexter is dead : a novel
M F LOVESEY, PLovesey, Peter.Down among the dead men : a Peter Diamond investigation
M F MANHATTANManhattan mayhem : new crime stories from the mystery writers of america.
M F MARK, DMark, David John, 1977-Taking pity
M F MCCALL SMITH, AMcCall Smith, Alexander, 1948-The novel habits of happiness
M F NICKSON, CNickson, ChrisTwo bronze pennies : an inspector Tom Harper novel
M F PARETSKY, SParetsky, Sara.Brush back
M F PARKS, BParks, Brad, 1974-The fraud
M F RADER-DAY, LRader-Day, Lori, 1973-Little pretty things
M F REICHS, KReichs, Kathy.Speaking in bones : a novel
M F ROSENFELT, DRosenfelt, DavidWho let the dog out?
M F SKALKA, PSkalka, PatriciaDeath at Gills Rock : a Dave Cubiak Door County mystery
Call NumberAuthorTitle
S F CLINE, ECline, Ernest.Armada : a novel
S F FLINT, EFlint, Eric.1636 : the Cardinal virtues
S F GILMAN, CGilman, Carolyn, 1954-Dark orbit
Call NumberAuthorTitle
YA F ALPERTAlpert, Mark, 1961-The Six
YA F BARNESBarnes, Jennifer (Jennifer Lynn).The fixer
YA F CAINECaine, RachelInk and bone
YA F COSIMANOCosimano, Elle.Nearly found
YA F GEORGEGeorge, Jessica Day, 1976-Silver in the blood
YA F GREENFIELDGreenfield, Amy Butler, 1968-Chantress fury
YA F GROVEGrove, S. E.The golden specific
YA F NOVAKNovak, Ali.The Heartbreakers
YA F OLDEROlder, Daniel JoséShadowshaper
YA F PELLICIOLIPellicioli, Anna.Where you end
YA F WALTMANWaltman, KevinSlump
YA F WARMANWarman, Jessica.The last good day of the year
Call NumberAuthorTitle
027.4 ALDRICHAldrich, Margret, 1975-The little free library book
028 DIRDADirda, MichaelBrowsings : a year of reading, collecting, and living with books
Call NumberAuthorTitle
155.32 MALKINMalkin, Craig.Rethinking narcissism : the bad--and surprising good--about feeling special
177.3 WILSONWilson, Eric, 1967-Keep it fake : inventing an authentic life
Call NumberAuthorTitle
200 BRAESTRUPBraestrup, Kate.Anchor & flares : a memoir of motherhood, hope, and service
261.7 KITTELSTROMKittelstrom, Amy.The religion of democracy : seven liberals and the American moral tradition
261.8809 STOLLStoll, Mark, 1954-Inherit the holy mountain : religion and the rise of American environmentalism
Call NumberAuthorTitle
303.61 MURRAYMurray, Charles ABy the people : rebuilding liberty without permission
305.23 BENZABenza, A. J.74 and sunny
305.8009 COATESCoates, Ta-Nehisi.Between the world and me
306.874 SEEKSeek, Amy, 1977-God and Jetfire : confessions of a birth mother
320.0207 ENGELHARDTEngelhardt, Tom.Four turbulent decades : a cartoon history of America, 1962-2001
323.43 SPITZERSpitzer, Robert J., 1953-Guns across America : reconciling gun rules and rights
325.73 COULTERCoulter, Ann H.Adios, America! : the left's plan to turn our country into a third world hellhole
327.12 GREYGrey, Stephen, 1968-The new spymasters : inside the modern world of espionage from the Cold War to global terror
339.2 PIKETTYPiketty, Thomas, 1971-The economics of inequality
342.7308 BRYANTBryant, Jonathan M.Dark places of the earth : the voyage of the slave ship Antelope
346.7044 WALLACHWallach, Philip ATo the edge : legality, legitimacy, and the responses to the 2008 financial crisis
361.706 LUPTONLupton, Robert D.Charity detox : what charity would look like if we cared about results
362.173 ROBBINSRobbins, Alexandra, 1976-The nurses : a year of secrets, drama, and miracles with the heroes of the hospital
362.87 KIM, EKim, Eunsun, 1986-A thousand miles to freedom : my escape from North Korea
363.2092 BROWNEBrowne, Arthur, 1950-One righteous man : Samuel Battle and the shattering of the color line in New York
363.25 MCDERMID, VMcDermid, ValForensics : what bugs, burns, prints, DNA, and more tell us about crime
363.325 MORELLMorell, Michael J.The great war of our time : the CIA's fight against terrorism--from al Qa'ida to ISIS
363.3251 POWELLPowell, Jonathan, 1956-Terrorists at the table : why negotiating is the only way to peace
364.1323 FERGUSONShaw, Theodore M.The Ferguson report : Department of Justice investigation of the Ferguson Police Department
370.973 ROBINSONRobinson, Ken, 1950-Creative schools : the grassroots revolution that's transforming education
371.0109 BLUMENFELDBlumenfeld, Samuel L.Crimes of the educators : how liberal utopians have turned public education into a criminal enterprise
388.0973 KANTERKanter, Rosabeth MossMove : putting America's infrastructure back in the lead
394.1209 KIMBLEKimble, MeganUnprocessed : my city-dwelling year of reclaiming real food
Call NumberAuthorTitle
411.09 BATTLESBattles, MatthewPalimpsest : a history of the written word
Call NumberAuthorTitle
523.8875 BARTUSIAKBartusiak, Marcia, 1950-Black hole : how an idea abandoned by Newtonians, hated by Einstein, and gambled on by Hawking became loved
539.733 HILTZIKHiltzik, Michael A.Big science : Ernest Lawrence and the invention that launched the military-industrial complex
539.764 CLYNESClynes, TomThe boy who played with fusion : extreme science, extreme parenting, and how to make a star
551.5092 MOOREMoore, Peter, 1983-The weather experiment : the pioneers who sought to see the future
591.56 SAFINASafina, Carl, 1955-Beyond words : what animals think and feel
Call NumberAuthorTitle
613.2 ESMONDE-WHITEEsmonde-White, MirandaAging backwards : reverse the aging process and look 10 years younger in 30 minutes a day
616.80092 ANANTHASWAMYAnanthaswamy, AnilThe man who wasn't there : investigations into the strange new science of the self.
618.9285 ARCHERArcher, Dale.The ADHD advantage : what you thought was a diagnosis may be your greatest strength
629.4 BELLBell, Jim, 1965-The interstellar age : inside the forty-year Voyager mission
633.11 YAFAYafa, Stephen H., 1941-Grain of truth : the real case for and against wheat and gluten
635.9 BUCHMANNBuchmann, Stephen L.The reason for flowers : their history, culture, biology, and how they change our lives
636.4 ESSIGEssig, Mark, 1969-Lesser beasts : a snout-to-tail history of the humble pig
649.143 MARKHAMMarkham, Laura.Peaceful parent, happy siblings : how to stop the fighting and raise friends for life
649.154 FORGANForgan, James W.The impulsive, disorganized child : solutions for parenting kids with executive functioning difficulties
Call NumberAuthorTitle
702.874 AMOREAmore, Anthony M.The art of the con : the most notorious fakes, frauds, and forgeries in the art world
709.041 ROERoe, Sue.In Montmartre : Picasso, Matisse and modernism in Paris, 1900-1910
741.569 LEOPOLDHirschfeld, Al.The Hirschfeld century : portrait of an artist and his age
747.97 INIn war time: a study of Civil War era quilts 1850-1865
759.13 LAWRENCE, JLawrence, JacobJacob Lawrence : the migration series
792.7028 SHAHShah, SamiI, migrant : a comedian's journey from Karachi to the Outback
794.8 DILLEDille, Flint.The ultimate guide to video game writing and design
794.8 ROGERSRogers, ScottLevel up! : the guide to great video game design
796 KRAMKram, Mark.Great men die twice : the selected works of Mark Kram
796.019 ROTELLARotella, Robert J.How champions think : in sports and in life
Call NumberAuthorTitle
816.52 WELTYMeanwhile there are letters : the correspondence of Eudora Welty and Ross Macdonald
817.54 SCOTTOLINEScottoline, Lisa.Does this beach make me look fat?
818.602 QUINNQuinn, Colin, 1959-The coloring book : a comedian solves race relations in America
Call NumberAuthorTitle
909 FARQUHARFarquhar, Michael.Bad days in history : a gleefully grim chronicle of misfortune, mayhem, and misery for every day of the year
929.2 BECKBeck, Jane C., 1941-Daisy Turner's kin : an African American family saga
940.5425 SOUTHARDSouthard, SusanNagasaki : life after nuclear war
947.086 LAQUEURLaqueur, Walter, 1921-Putinism : Russia and its future with the West
949.5076 ANGELOSAngelos, James (Journalist).The full catastrophe : travels among the new Greek ruins
954.042 HAJARIHajari, NisidMidnight's furies : the deadly legacy of India's partition
956.7044 SKYSky, EmmaThe unraveling : high hopes and missed opportunities in Iraq
956.9405 O'MALLEYO'Malley, Padraig.The two-state delusion : Israel and Palestine : a tale of two narratives
973.3 DUVALDuval, Kathleen.Independence lost : lives on the edge of the American Revolution
973.71 MCPHERSON, JMcPherson, James M.The war that forged a nation : why the Civil War still matters
973.922 NEFFNeff, James.Vendetta : Bobby Kennedy versus Jimmy Hoffa
977.4 LINKLink, Mardi.The Drummond girls : a story of fierce friendship beyond time and chance
977.866 BERGERBerger, Henry W.St. Louis and empire : 250 years of imperial quest and urban crisis
977.866 ST. LOUISSt. Louis memories : a look back
978 BUCKBuck, Rinker, 1950-The Oregon Trail : a new American journey
Call NumberAuthorTitle
B BOUMANBouman, Mark.The tank man's son : a memoir
B BROWNE, TAldersey-Williams, Hugh.In search of Sir Thomas Browne : the life and afterlife of the seventeenth century's most inquiring mind
B BROWNERBrowner, Jesse.How did I get here? : making peace with the road not taken
B BUNCH, RDickey, Christopher.Our man in Charleston : Britain's secret agent in the Civil War South
B CARTER, JCarter, Jimmy, 1924-A full life : reflections at ninety
B DENG, XPantsov, Alexander, 1955-Deng Xiaoping : a revolutionary life
B KUMINKumin, Maxine, 1925-2014.The pawnbroker's daughter : a memoir
B LEE, HLee, HyeonseoThe girl with seven names : a North Korean defector's story
B NIXON, RWeiner, Tim.One man against the world : the tragedy of Richard Nixon
B PADILLA PERALTAPadilla Peralta, Dan-el,Undocumented : a Dominican boy's odyssey from a homeless shelter to the Ivy League
B STARKLOFFClaggett, Charles E., Jr.Max Starkloff and the fight for disability rights
B STARRStarr, Michael, 1961-Ringo : with a little help
B TOLKACHEVHoffman, David E. (David Emanuel)The billion dollar spy : a true story of Cold War espionage and betrayal
B VON FURSTENBERGDiliberto, Gioia, 1950-Diane von Furstenberg : a life unwrapped
Call NumberAuthorTitle
LP F ALERS, RAlers, Rochelle.Magnolia Drive
LP F ALLEN, SAllen, Sarah Addison.First frost
LP F BOX, CJBox, C. J.Endangered
LP F CLARK, MHClark, Mary Higgins.The melody lingers on
LP F DALLAS, SDallas, Sandra.A quilt for Christmas
LP F DAVE, LDave, Laura.Eight hundred grapes
LP F DEVERAUX, JDeveraux, Jude.Ever after : a Nantucket brides novel
LP F FRANK, DFrank, Dorothea Benton.All the single ladies
LP F GIST, DGist, Deeanne.Tiffany girl
LP F GREEN, JGreen, Jane, 1968-Summer secrets
LP F HARUF, KHaruf, KentOur souls at night : a novel
LP F HOLMES, LHolmes, L. P. (Llewellyn Perry), 1895-1988.The crimson hills : a western story
LP F HOOPER, KHooper, Kay.A deadly web
LP F HUNTER, SHunter, Stephen, 1946-I, Ripper
LP F KING, LKing, Lily.Euphoria
LP F KLABER, WKlaber, William, 1945-The rebellion of Miss Lucy Ann Lobdell
LP F LEE, HLee, Harper.Go set a watchman
LP F LESCROART, JLescroart, John T.The fall
LP F MCCALL SMITH, AMcCall Smith, Alexander, 1948-The novel habits of happiness
LP F MILLER, LMiller, Linda LaelThe marriage season
LP F PACKER, APacker, Ann, 1959-The children's crusade
LP F PEKKANEN, SPekkanen, Sarah.Things you won't say
LP F ROSS, ARoss, Ann B.Miss Julia lays down the law
LP F SHALVIS, JShalvis, Jill.It's in his kiss
LP F SHALVIS, JShalvis, Jill.Still the one
LP F SILVA,DSilva, Daniel, 1960-The English spy
LP F TAYLOR, BTaylor, Brad, 1965-The insider threat
LP F THAYER, NThayer, NancyThe Guest Cottage
LP F THAYER, NThayer, Nancy, 1943-A Nantucket Christmas
LP F THOR, BThor, Brad.Code of conduct : a thriller
Call NumberAuthorTitle
LP 975.5 DEVITODeVito, Carlo.Mrs. Lee's rose garden : the true story of the founding of Arlington
LP B BERGEN, CBergen, Candice, 1946-A fine romance
Call NumberAuthorTitle
DVD DANNYDanny Collins
DVD DOCTORThe doctor
DVD ENEMIESEnemies of laughter
DVD EXEx machina
DVD FIVE5 flights up
DVD GETTGett : the trial of Viviane Amsalem
DVD GOODBYEGoodbye Charlie
DVD ITIt follows
DVD LONGESTThe longest ride
DVD LOSTThe lost world : Jurassic Park
DVD RUNRun all night
DVD SECONDThe second best exotic Marigold Hotel
DVD STARSStars and stripes forever
DVD WHATWhat we do in the shadows
DVD WHILEWhile we're young
DVD WINTERKiş uykusu = Winter sleep
DVD WOMANWoman in gold
DVD 174.95 MERCHANTSMerchants of doubt
DVD 613.7148 LAMTai chi for diabetes
DVD 623.7469 RISENova. Rise of the drones
DVD 781.66 WRECKINGThe Wrecking Crew!
DVD 796.962 REDRed Army
DVD B FELAFinding Fela
Call NumberAuthorTitle
DVD CRIMSONThe crimson field
DVD GAKUENGakuen Alice
DVD HOUSEHouse of cards. The complete third season
DVD JUSTIFIEDJustified. The complete final season
DVD KOBATOKobato. The complete collection
DVD MANHATTANManhattan. Season one
DVD MIKEMike & Molly. The complete fourth season
DVD POLDARKPoldark. The complete first season
Call NumberAuthorTitle
BD STARSStars and stripes forever
BD 174.95 MERCHANTSMerchants of doubt
Call NumberAuthorTitle
CD F BARROWSBarrows, Annie.The Truth according to us
CD F BLACKWOODBlackwood, Grant.Tom Clancy under fire
CD F BLUMEBlume, Judy.In the unlikely event
CD F COULTERCoulter, Catherine.Nemesis
CD F DeMILLEDeMille, NelsonRadiant angel : a novel
CD F DEVERAUXDeveraux, Jude.Ever after : a Nantucket brides novel
CD F FLYNNFlynn, Gillian, 1971-Dark places
CD F FRANKFrank, Dorothea Benton.All the single ladies
CD F HARUFHaruf, Kent.Our souls at night : a novel
CD F HILDERBRANDHilderbrand, Elin.The rumor : a novel
CD F KINGKing, Stephen, 1947-Finders keepers
CD F KNOLLKnoll, Jessica.Luckiest girl alive
CD F LEELee, HarperGo set a watchman
CD F MELTZERMeltzer, Brad.The President's shadow
CD F PACKERPacker, Ann, 1959-The children's crusade : a novel
CD F STEPHENSONStephenson, Neal.Seveneves
CD F WOODSWoods, StuartNaked greed
CD 629.13 McCULLOUGHMcCullough, David.The Wright brothers
CD 973.318 ELLISEllis, Joseph J.The quartet : orchestrating the second American revolution, 1783-1789
CD 978 BUCKBuck, Rinker, 1950-The Oregon Trail : [a new American journey]
Call NumberAuthorTitle
CD YA F JARZABJarzab, Anna.Tandem
CD YA F NIELSENNielsen-Fernlund, Susin, 1964-We are all made of molecules
Call NumberAuthorTitle
VG XB360 JURASSICLEGO Jurassic World
Call NumberAuthorTitle
JF BERTMANChambliss Bertman, Jennifer.Book Scavenger
JF BROWNBrown, Jeffrey, 1975-The phantom bully
JF BUYEABuyea, Robert W.Saving Mr. Terupt
JF CASANOVACasanova, Mary.Grace makes it great
JF CHAINANIChainani, SomanThe last ever after
JF COLFERColfer, Chris, 1990-The Land of Stories beyond the kingdoms
JF CORSETTOCorsetto, DanielleAdventure time. 5, Graybles schmaybles
JF COVENCoven, Wanda.Heidi Heckelbeck says cheese!
JF CUMMINGSCummings, TroyCharge of the lightning bugs
JF DISNEYDavid, Erica.The polar bear piper
JF DISNEYDe la Cruz, Melissa, 1971-The Isle of the Lost : a Descendants novel
JF DISNEYGreen, Rico.Descendants : a novelization
JF DISNEYThorpe, Kiki.On the trail
JF DISNEYWest, Tracey, 1965-Forget this!
JF DISNEYWest, Tracey, 1965-What should Riley do?
JF KEENEPetrucha, Stefan.Nancy Drew diaries. #5, Ghost in the machinery ; Disoriented express
JF KELLYKelly, Jacqueline.The curious world of Calpurnia Tate
JF MARTINTelgemeier, RainaThe truth about Stacey
JF McGUIREMcGuire, Sarah, 1976-Valiant
JF MESSNERMessner, KateDanger in Ancient Rome
JF MINECRAFTBrian, AlexDiary of a Minecraft creeper. Book #1
JF MINECRAFTBrian, AlexDiary of a Minecraft enderman. Book #1
JF MINECRAFTBrian, Alex.Diary of a Minecraft skeleton
JF MINECRAFTBrian, Alex.Diary of a zombie pigman. Book #1
JF PARISHParish, Herman.Amelia Bedelia sets sail
JF PAYTONPayton, BelleAre you thinking what I'm thinking?
JF POKEMONKusaka, HidenoriPokémon adventures. Emerald. Volume 28
JF ROBERTSRoberts, Willo Davis.Surviving summer vacation
JF RUSSELLRussell, Rachel Renée.Tales from a not-so-dorky drama queen
JF SELFORSSelfors, Suzanne.Semi-charming kind of life
JF SIMPSONSimpson, DanaUnicorn on a roll : another Phoebe and her unicorn adventure
JF SKYLANDERMarz, Ron.Skylanders. Return of the Dragon King
JF SOLOMONSSolomons, David, 1969-My brother is a superhero
JF STILTONStilton, GeronimoThe enchanted charms : the seventh adventure in the Kingdom of Fantasy
JF SUTHERLANDSutherland, Tui, 1978-Winter turning
JF THIRTYLondon, C. Alexander.Mission Hindenburg
JF WESTWest, Tracey, 1965-Power of the fire dragon
Call NumberAuthorTitle
E AVENGERSMacri, Thomas.The Avengers beginnings : beginnings
E BEATONBeaton, Kate, 1983-The princess and the pony
E BERENSTAINBerenstain, Jan, 1923-2012.5-minute Berenstain Bears stories
E BROWNBrown, Marc Tolon.Monkey : not ready for kindergarten
E BRUELBruel, NickBad Kitty does not like candy
E BRUELBruel, NickBad Kitty does not like dogs
E DRAGONSEvans, CordeliaThe dragon that rides on lightning
E EVANSEvans, CordeliaOlivia helps the tooth fairy
E GALLOGallo, TinaThe dragon games
E HILLSHills, Tad.R is for rocket
E MARINOMarino, GiannaNight animals
E MIKEPendergrass, Daphne.The fireless dragon
E PARSLEYParsley, EliseIf you ever want to bring an alligator to school, don't!
E RIMRim, SujeanBirdie's first day of school
E SEUSSSeuss, Dr.What pet should I get?
E SKYLANDERSCampbell, Hannah S.Take flight and fight!
E TOWNENDTownend, Jack.A railway ABC
H E ANDREWSAndrews, Julie, 1935-The very fairy princess : a spooky, sparkly Halloween
H E DEANDean, James, 1957-Pete the cat : Five little pumpkins
H E LESTERLester, Helen.Tacky and the haunted igloo
Call NumberAuthorTitle
BR ARNOLDArnold, TeddFly Guy presents : bats
BR DANIELTesta, Maggie.Daniel feels left out
BR DEANDean, James, 1957-Pete the cat's train trip
BR INSIDEJordan, AppleWelcome to headquarters
BR MINIONSRosen, Lucy (Children's story adapter)Who's the boss?
BR POKEMONWhitehill, Simcha.Pokémon. Battle dimension : The Pokémon sneak
BR SCHAEFERSchaefer, Carole LexaMonkey and Elephant and a secret birthday surprise
Call NumberAuthorTitle
J005.1 MCCUEMcCue, CamilleCoding for kids for dummies
J031.02 NATIONALNational geographic.National geographic kids almanac 2016.
J793.932 SKYLANDERSkylanders Trap Team : Master Eon's official guide.
J794.8 MINECRAFTFarwell, NickMinecraft redstone handbook
J794.8 MINECRAFTMilton, StephanieMinecraft combat handbook
J794.8 MINECRAFTMilton, StephanieMinecraft essential handbook
J794.8 MINECRAFTNeedler, MatthewMinecraft construction handbook
Call NumberAuthorTitle
J DVD AVATARAvatar, the last airbender. The complete book 1 collection
J DVD BATMANBatman beyond. Season one
J DVD BENBen 10 alien force. Vol. 1
J DVD BENBen 10 alien force. Vol. 2
J DVD BENBen 10 alien force. Vol. 3
J DVD CATThe Cat in the Hat knows a lot about that! Bugs and beyond.
J DVD DANNYDanny Phantom : the complete series.
J DVD GRACEAmerican Girl. Grace stirs up success
J DVD POWERPower Rangers super megaforce. Sky strike
J DVD SCAREDYScaredy Squirrel ; Bink & Gollie
J DVD SPIRITSpirit riders
J DVD SPONGEBOBThe SpongeBob movie : sponge out of water
J DVD TEENTeen Titans go! Mission to misbehave. Season 1, part 1
J DVD TEENTeen Titans go!. Appetite for disruption. Season 02, part 01
J DVD TEENTeen titans. The complete first season
J DVD TEENTeen Titans. The complete second season
J DVD YOUNGYoung justice. 3-pack fun Season 1, v. 1-3
Call NumberAuthorTitle
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