June 20, 2007

The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Webster Groves Public Library was held at 7 p.m. on June 20th. President Jon Furst presided, and Library Director Tom Cooper kept the minutes. Present: Library Board Trustees Stacy Deleste, Bob Herdler, Peter Ruger, Tom Reedy, Angela Birke, Christine Krueger, and City Council Liaison Jeanne Kirkton.

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 7:05.

Public Agenda

There was no public agenda.

Minutes of the May 16, 2007 Meeting and June 5, 2007 Special Meeting

Ms. Krueger moved to accept both sets of minutes as presented, Ms. Deleste seconded, and the minutes were accepted.


Mr. Cooper presented a letter from the Randalls, current tenants of the house at #5 Mason Avenue, stating their intention to move out by June 30.

Presidentís Report

There was no presidentís report

Librarianís Report

Mr. Cooper stated that he would be on vacation most of the month of July, necessitating a decision whether to hold a board meeting very early in the month, very late in the month, or skipping the July meeting. Mr. Reedy moved to skip the July meeting, Mr. Herdler seconded, and the motion passed.

He pointed out that the libraryís Webster Groves Online service has gotten close to 2,000 hits since it went online several months ago.

He is looking into securing a Tax Anticipation Note from U.S. Bank, which would be available at a much better interest rate than the rate currently offered by Cass Commercial; although the legal fees involved may be steep enough that they would overwhelm any anticipated savings.

There is a draft of the strategic plan, complete except for a vision statement, which should come from the trustees, though there was some discussion of whether other people who have been involved in the planning process should help formulate it. Mr. Cooper will send the draft of the plan to all trustees, so they can start thinking about it.

Advance Planning

There was much discussion of the next step in the planning process. This centered on what an expanded library facility might look like, since financing the expansion, as well as financing the libraryís improved operations over the next several years, is a major consideration.

The recently completed space study from Hoener Associates includes the requirement that the property at #5 Mason Avenue be demolished to make a parking lot, since a meeting room seating up to 100 people would necessitate that much parking. But there is also an older space study, done by Langton Associates before the library owned the Mason property, which includes meeting space for 50 people, and which would not require that much parking. There was a good discussion about which of these two basic ideas would best serve the public, and more closely fit the sense of the community of Webster Groves. Mr. Furst pointed out that once an RFP is issued and other architects consider space usage, completely new ideas may come into play. Mr. Cooper suggested that once everybody reads the draft plan, considering the various service suggestions, community stakeholders, et cetera, it may help clarify their thinking.

Ms. Krueger will work on convening a meeting of the Advance Planning Committee before the next board meeting.


There was no report from this committee.

Building and Grounds

The libraryís parking lots will be paved soon into the new fiscal year, most likely in July.


Mr. Herdler reviewed the financial report and disbursements for May, 2007. Mr. Reedy made a motion that the financial report be approved as presented. Mr. Ruger seconded, and the report was approved.

Mr. Herdler reported on the presentation of the libraryís budget to the City Council.

Human Resource

Employee annual evaluations have been completed, and salary raises given.


There was no report from this committee.

Old Business

Mr. Ruger passed out copies of Missouri Revised Statute 537.117, which specifies that uncompensated directors of non-profit organizations are immune from personal liability for civil damages arising from acts performed in an official capacity. This may affect the necessity of maintaining directors and officers insurance.

New Business

Mr. Furst has committee assignments worked out and will e-mail them to all trustees shortly.


Mr. Ruger moved to adjourn, Ms. Deleste seconded, and the meeting was adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

The next meeting of the Libraryís Board of Trustees will be held on Wednesday, August 15th at 7 p.m.